Thursday, February 4, 2010

a year since I started chemo

Today is February 4, World Cancer Day, and it's a year since I started chemo. I remember it well. Started off with my hairdresser Carlos going off to buy a wig for the expected hair loss - never ever wore it and now working out what to do with it and it is blondey-brown whereas my hair is now dark, dark brown - and then went to chemo.
Felt like I could barely walk afterwards. Think my body was in shock from all the poisons.
Today feeling ok. Have a certain anxiety about the cancer returning, have anxiety about developing lymphedema in my left arm from the impact which the radiation had on my lymph - but at yesterday's visit to The Lymph Lady2 my arm was excellent, down 1cm in the upper middle area and 0.5cm at the top end and all the other parts down - but am well.
See at my last posting I wrote about fatigue - no longer there. Had some memory loss - well, difficulty in locating the right word for things - and some clumsiness - it started when I dropped my cellphone into the loo as it flew out of my hand at the oncology centre - but all that seems to be improving and will ask about it at the centre when I go for treatment on Monday.
Still on herceptin and taking tamoxifen but kinda getting used to the side-effects. Have a big family celebration this weekend - my nephew's barmitzvah - and intend enjoying every moment of it.

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  1. The anxiety & whatnot is totally normal. the good news: it's a year later & you're still here - congrats! And have a fun time this weekend.