Saturday, December 5, 2009

exhausting local treatment options?

Got an email on Friday about a benefit concert for an actress/singer who has breast cancer - diagnosed in 2003 - and, stated the email, after "exhausting local treatment options" has "followed an integrative approach and made excellent progress especially after receiving treatment at a ground-breaking specialist clinic in Germany".
I wasn't convinced and contacted the PR of the concert for more details and sure she thinks I am a bitch deluxe.
Exhausted local treatment options? There are excellent oncologists here in South Africa where our public/state healthcare is in disgrace but private is so good that many people, especially, from the UK, come here for dental, plastic surgery and other treatments.
And it's not like they are staid. I know one woman, Maria, who was given experimental treatment by The Tango Man, whom I also see.
Went to the Internet and notice there are many alternative cancer clinics in Germany - in other countries too of course - where there use alternative treatments such as "fever therapy" for example.
I believe in a balanced lifestyle, that my exercise has helped me immensely both during chemo and now, plus the yoga - guess that is exercise too - but have never been a fan of alternative treatments for any illness. Maybe I am wrong. What do you think about alternative treatments for cancer?

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