Monday, December 7, 2009

very grateful

Went for my three-weekly herceptin treatment today. My hand bled when they inserted the needle, or whatever it is called - the needle goes into it.
Anyway, there was a girl there who started chatting to me. It was easy to spot her. She was totally bald but looked fabulous really with her well toned body and bright pink top.
She asked me, towards the end of my time there, how often I came for chemo. I explained I was not having chemo - alhough The Lymph Lady says herceptin is a chemo as it is a chemical therapy - but a preventative treatment and that I had had breast cancer.
Then I asked her what she was there for. Melanoma, she said. And this was her first chemo she said. I was a little puzzled cos of her bald head but said nothing. She said she had had radiation. Did they begin with radiation, I asked. No surgery, then a month in hospital having eight hours of this certain treatment - something beginning with an 'e' for eight hours a day - then radiation but then found 18 tumours on her neck (not sure exactly when that was found, think before the radiation) and also on her head, so now she is having this chemo. Three days in a row, then three weeks off.
And I left the oncology centre feeling so so grateful and realising how lucky I have been. I feel I want to say thank you in some way. But how and to who/what? Maybe a charitable donation would be best.

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