Saturday, December 5, 2009

a visit to the oncology centre

Well, well, well. People can tell you things but sometimes it just doesn't sink in.
The Tango Man told me at my last visit about a month or so ago that my skin is still changing from the radiation. Then on Monday The Lymph Lady said radiation can affect the skin for up to seven years.
But still, when I felt pain and my skin below my left armpit became darker again, I still did not 'click'.
Now the head nurse at the oncology centre has confirmed it, after I first phoned her and then went in for her to examine me: the pain and discolouration I am experiencing is from the radiation, a combination of the radiation effects and the scar tissue the radiation causes.
I nearly cried when I went there on Friday cos I also handed over Christmas presents to Corrie who dealt with my herceptin authorisation - and what a drama that was, taking over a month - to the nurses and the ever-smiling receptionist. I realised how grateful I feel towards them, how when I said that my gift was but a token, a gesture, of my appreciation, I really really meant it.
The Yoga Man says being kind and sweet and caring is part of their job, kinda like a hotel receptionist's/concierge's and that it is more cost effective to have caring support staff than a caring (in attitude) doctor - The Tango Man is quite cold in some ways. But bravo to Sandton Oncology Centre - you are the best!

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