Sunday, October 18, 2009

seeing the thyroid doctor tomorrow

Cannot believe that I haven't written for about a week. But been super busy, going out a lot. In fact, it's after 10pm now on a Sunday night and still have to do the lymph massage, pack my clothes for tomorrow and have an early start with bio.
Stopped hassling about the 1cm difference in my arm. In fact, have been feeling ok.
But now getting a teeny bit anxious about tomorrow. Seeing the thyroid doctor at 1pm. About 10 years ago was very sick with an overactive thyroid, Graves Disease, which later changed to being underactive. I was extremely sick for five and a half months, which in many ways was worse than cancer in that I never, for one second, felt ok during that period. I was dizzy, felt shaky, hot, and my weight was totally out of control. In one of those weeks, I gained 4kg without eating more and suddenly all my clothes were too tight. Then I would eat salads and gain weight, eat a lot and lose weight and so on. Then I managed to see the doctor I am seeing tomorrow (not so easy as he no longer sees thryoid patients, in fact heard he is now not seeing any new patients as he is focusing on his diabetes research) and within a month was about 92% better. Then it took a couple more months before my thyroid was stable and I could go on diet and try to lose the weight.
I never went back to the weight I was before my thyroid went out of control.
Anyway, after a few years without needing any medication, my thyroid became underactive. Then my cholesterol went crazy and now that is why I am a little anxious about my appointment tomorrow. Am tired of having health hassles and want my cholesterol and thyroid to be ok. Pretty sure my thyroid is ok. Just hope my cholesterol is also ok. Am on two different kinds of medication for it but it took about a year for the correct dosage to be worked out. Eventually - last time I saw the doctor - he admitted that the cholesterol was probably caused by the thyroid (that is what it says on site after site on the internet).

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