Monday, October 19, 2009

I am purrrrrfect!!!

So chuffed. Went to see the physician today who monitors my thyroid and cholesterol. Actually he is an endocronologist, a brilliant one. Really. And I was perfect! Well, as perfect as one can be. Yes, my cholesterol was 5.3 when normal is 5 but last year (before cancer diagnosis, incidentally) it was also 5.3. And yes, my triglycerides are above normal but are less than last year and my good cholesterol is even better than last year's count, despite doing less exercise (cos of cancer treatment and being restricted to 15 min of cardio a time), so I am very chuffed.
Best of all, the doctor made me feel terrific. And he is known to be a tyrant. Really. (When I told my biokineticist I was seeing him today and was scared, she thought it was because he is so stern.)
Afterwards he said to me: "You walk in here and as you're sitting down say, by 'by the way, I've had cancer'." He made me feel that i was amazing, that since the last time he had seen me I have been diagnosed with cancer, had treatment yet was now fine. And then my blood pressure was so low - 108/80 - that he said: "Like a chicken's!"
He was incredulous, in a positive way, and I felt fantastic.
Good to know I am healthy.
Now pray that next week's mammogram and scan goes ok.

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