Monday, September 21, 2009

a sauna on wheels

Was nearly in tears tonight. My car - which has already cost me over R10 000 this month (new tyres, being towed, new clutch, a service, new what-what today which was causing a burning smell (cannot remember what part it is) ...and my CD player has been removed for repairs so that will up it even more...). Anyway, drove away from the garage already pretty pissed off cos of how much it has cost me and it's only four years old and has done only 65 000km... when it started feeling very hot in my car. Turned on the aircon and it became even hotter. Then my legs started burning...
Phoned the garage about three times. Finally I told them: there is hot air coming out the air vents...
Needless to say by then it was way past 5pm, almost 6pm, and they told me to come in tomorrow. That my car won't overheat and it's just my temperature gauge - which they clearly f,,,,ed up!
ONE BIG PROBLEM: I cannot be in very hot enclosed places eg a sauna cos of being high risk for lymphoedema. Now my car is like a sauna on wheels. Even with the window open. So going to drive to garage tomorrow with two windows open and trust I will be safe - hell, this is Joburg where it's not safe to drive with the windows open. But I don't want lymphoedema.
And one bit of good news. Opened my post and getting my surplus pension fund money from Pact(the former Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal where I used to work).... so that will cover this disaster.
Oh, nearly forgot to add: my arm, well mainly my hand this time, has been sore for about three days now. Stiff fingers. Worried as all hell and The Lymph Lady is at a lymphoedema conference in Australia... will see her again next week.

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