Tuesday, September 22, 2009

panic over

Reread the original notes I got on my first visit to The Lymph Lady after someone suggested today I was overreacting - could one really get lymphoedema after minor things, eg being in an overheated car like I was yesterday?
Well, you can. I was not overreacting yesterday but luckily the drive to the garage to get the faulty temperature gauge fixed - a problem, I must say, the garage inadvertently created through sloppiness - was quick as I left later than planned so there was less traffic and the air was fresh. And I drove with my window down and the air blowing in.... and it was wonderful.
So things are ok although it did say in those original notes I read that be wary of pain in the affected area. Mmm... I have a fair amount of that.
Went to yoga tonight, now my usual Tuesday night activity, and it is pretty amazing. When I start off the night and have to do forward virasana - heels together, knees apart and lie forward with arms stretched straight out - it hurts like hell and I can barely stretch out my left arm (the side affected by radiation for breast cancer). By the end of the night, I look forward to forward virasana, as I stretch out my left arm - and stretch it further.


  1. When you're dealing with pain & stiffness in the arm, I wouldn't say you're overreacting. They're both important signs. Your body is telling you something. It may not be edema, but something's going on: congested lymph system, infection, not drinking enough water.... Could be lots of things, but you are right to pay attention. (I suspect the person who thought you are overreacting has never had lymphedema)

  2. Ironically the person who said I was overreacting was my therapist!