Sunday, September 20, 2009

my affected arm

I think the damn trouble with the swelling of my left arm since radiation - noticed it from the day I finished my 25 radiation treatments I think it was - is not the swelling itself, albeit it terrifying that it might develop into lymphoedema, but the pain.
I keep having pain and it wears me down. Today it has been sore on the inside of my elbow.
Pretty sure my arm is swollen there today. Luckily so far the most my arm has increased in size is 1/2cm.
The possibility of this happening was so underplayed by the radiation oncologist. I wonder what the stats are for this happening. Mm... think they are low. But so far it has been one of the biggest impacts of my treatment. And I think I thought I was safe from this because I did not have surgery and did not have lymph nodes removed.

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