Monday, August 3, 2009

starting herceptin tomorrow

Had a horrible day. Spent most of the morning clutching my cellphone waiting for the oncology centre to phone, or the central medicine depot to phone re the money transfer. Had an appointment for it booked for 11.30am and as the authorisation had been confirmed on Friday, was hoping the actual treatment could begin as planned. Mmmmm, have had an appointment booked every Monday for the last month.
Finally, after biokinetics, I phoned the oncology centre and was furious to hear that the written authorisation had not come through from the medical aid. It was looking bleak. And if I didn't start tomorrow, then would not be able to go away for the weekend as Swaziland is surely not the hottest spot for medical treatment; plus would then need to start next week and so would not be able to go to Cape Town (am on two weeks'leave).
Then went to The Lymph Lady who told me that many people feel awful on herceptin: tired, sickly, quite wrecked - and for three to four days.
Meanwhile, I waited for a call to say how much money I needed to deposit. When I phoned the oncology centre to enquire what the hell was going on, spoke to head nurse Erica who told me would be fine by Friday to go away. She said I would/could be shivering and feel awful on the night of the treatment, then very tired the next day. Or else feel nothing.
Then nearly burst into tears when heard, despite a confirmed booking from an agency last night, that Royal Swazi Spa was full. Phoned them but they would not put me onto a waiting list as they already have one.
Then opted for Quiet Mountain Lodge even though could get only a Sunday night booking. Now have the dilemma of wondering if should have a party on Friday (it's my birthday) - but if so, with what money?
But eventually, eventually, the herceptin thing was arranged, despite the fact that the confirmatory email containg proof of payment took ages and ages to arrive at the central medicine depot - which allowed them then to deliver the medication. Appointment is at 9.30am tomorrow. Terrified.

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