Sunday, August 2, 2009

There - but not there

Finally got the authorisation for herceptin at 5pm on Friday, as the medical aid closed for the week. The oncology centre had asked me to take over (this was at about, dunno, some time in the early afternoon) and it took about two calls and being firm before I got verbal confirmation from someone who said she was a client relationship manager and gave me a reference number for the call and said she would speak to the oncology centre on Monday.
As had been arranged, I emailed the oncology centre to inform them of my success which, as My Friend pointed out, is probably no big deal. The oncology centre had had enough, plus they did not have the time to fight just one case. I could prioritise it, and am rude enough to have got it accelerated.
Now the question is: will there be enough time for the logistics so that I can have it as scheduled at 11.30am - or perhaps a little later - tomorrow. The oncology centre starts at 7am - when I am expecting them to call me (crack of dawn for me) and then the central medical depot has to contacted, then they have to contact me about the amount I have to pay, then once they have the deposit they will deliver the medication.
Sjoe! Whether that can happen by tomorrow midday... at the very least I then expect to have it on Tuesday.
And in the interim, have bio at 8.30am and The Lymph Lady at 10am.
And if the truth be told, feeling a little apprehensive about it. Yuch. A drip for two and a half hours - that is the duration of the first treatment - is a bit daunting. And to sit in that same place where I had chemo.... yuch....and how will I feel from it? They said flu-like symptoms...

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