Friday, August 7, 2009

my birthday

It's my birthday today. Had horrible time at dietician yesterday - who happens to be the most expensive dietician ever. So far have paid R1450 for two visits, and the third visit will also be R700, she says. I told her yesterday that she wasn't really helping me- well with what she had to say so far.
I went to her cos was told she had experience in dealing with weight gain on tamoxifen, the hormome tabs I am taking to help prevent the cancer from returning. Well, I might as well have been told eat every little. All she said was eat mostly salad and veggies, no starch at night and eat certain specified mueslis for some breakfasts instead of my usual slice of bread and a protein.
It is an inflexible eating programme - no treats, no adaptations plus she does not approve of soya sausage (my previous dietician had said one sausage = one protein; this one says have none) but if that is what it takes, that is what I will do. But cos it's my birthday, am starting on Monday.
Have a while to see if will return to her but got very angry when she started sprouting that shit about eating to prevent cancer as I had green tea every day and ate more oily fish than anyone else i know and still got cancer so told her it was kak that certain foods prevent cancer. It might have been worse had I not eaten healthily, is all I might accept. Plus recovery might be better although have pains and swelling from radiation so not immune to all that.....
Also told her she was not really helping me, not telling me anything I didn't already know.Also told her she was outrageously expensive.
Plus am still angry she told me to just eat all those veggies i have an intolerance towards - but they make me throw up!!
Now have discovered there is a discrepency between what she told me re starch and what is on the papers she gave me - which incidentally are two handwritten ones she wrote during the session and one printed thing on salad dressings which I asked about. Don't know why she is so vague re things. Maybe she works best for people who really are on the wrong path.
Think I know why I hate dieticians so much - most of them really dislike food so can not understand why never being able to eat a bean curry (she says beans are mostly starch rather than a protein) could be a problem. But I have to get thin. Thank god for Monday.

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