Thursday, July 2, 2009

lymph circles

Did my lymph massage tonight and it calmed me down. Twenty circles with my hands in the crook of my right neck - I did 30 - then 20 - again I did 30 - circles under my right armpit, then in my left groin area (beside the hip bones) and then long sweeps from my left elbow along the back of the (affected)arm to the back of the shoulder. All done super slowly and super gently (apparently the lymph is just below the surface), with each circle at the pace of the count 10001 (one thousand and one).
The effect is one of instilling calmness.
Needed that cos spent much of the day in a state of panic. My arm felt heavy, my fingers were still tight/stiff and I found myself researching "breast cancer radiation lymphoedema" during work.
Then I phoned the Lymph Lady in a panic, thinking if i annoy her and she hates me, who cares. I asked her if there was anything else I could do to ensure I did not get lymphoedema, and did I need to do the arm exercises and if so, if i did them two, even three times a day, would it help?
I left a message and surprisingly she phoned back. No, there was nothing else I could do beyond being careful not to overdo it ( referring to carrying heavy things, not to squeeze a stress ball as some people would recommend. She asked about yoga. She said as I was so anxious, I should go get a compression bandage/whatever and I interrupted and said "no ways", I would wait until Tuesday when I see her. Quite honestly, going to buy a compression sleeve/bandage (think they are two different things and think it was the sleeve she recommended) would be like saying: I have lymphoedema. I said: "I don't want to get it (lymphoedema)" and she said "I know" but added there was nothing else I could do. Think she said there was nothing I could do; so if i get it, I get it or if I have it, I have it (my extrapolation).
My therapist said I should do visualisation. I am not sure it helps.....

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