Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it's late so just a quickie

Find it really hard to go to sleep early but do need to get to bed soonish and read. Plus the heater - in front of a gas heater - is about to die so gonna make this a super quick quickie....
1) went back to yoga last night. fascinating cos, as expected, did not have the stamina to do the full class. Was there till the end but left out a fair amount ie all the high energy stuff. Started off really well and was so pleased at how flexible I am thanks to biokinetics. Then after an hour thought, that's it, had enough, if do any more likely to fall over. Then they started on standing poses, doing all the arm movements I need to do cos of radiation, so I did them and boy, was that hard!! To stand and move for what must be nearly half an hour...... later the teacher said I should have done the moves while sitting and must admit, did think of that. But felt marvellous when I left and will go back. Just that next time, at the teacher's suggestion, will spend more time just lying in recuperative, chest-opening postures.

2) Not very happy about my arm. It is starting to feel really heavy and sometimes also a little uncomfortable, well, sore. And my fingers are still a little stiff. Doing my exercises religiously and beyond that, not sure what to do. Oh, not exercises, they are massages or "home care" as the lymph lady dubbed it.

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