Thursday, July 16, 2009

lucky me

Felt really good today. Went to The Lymph Lady for the second time this week. Yesterday it went down. Today more went down and two measurements stayed the same. Referring here to my arm, the one that has been affected by the radiating of my lymph nodes.
So once again my body is doing me proud. Fighting back. Being strong and healthy. Now it must just continue.
Ok, I do have a cold. Well a blocked nose. Need to do that upside down yoga pose to make it better. Did it this morning and it helped. Now all blocked up again.
The radiation oncologist (funny, she never got a 'name' here on this blog) told me i would be susceptible to flu for the next three months. Guess this is part of it.
Oh and have pains in my chest, in my armpit and along my arm but The Lymph Lady says it's from the radiation and can continue for 6 - 8 months and if I phone the oncology centre, they will tell me. Been meaning to phone to confirm this but just soo sooo sooooo busy.
Been out every night and doing 25 minutes of lymph massage twice a day, plus going to biokinetics, plus therapy, plus The Lymph Lady and working my butt off, there has not been much free time.
Home tonight. A quiet night. But still need to do the lymph massage. Not sure I can face taking all my clothes off (well, upper body) to do that.But would never dream of not doing it. The Lymph Lady asked me today if i suffer from guilt. Cos I want to miss yoga - she told me it was excellent to deal with the side-effects of radiation - to go to a book talk by Damon Galgut at Boekehuis. His book The Impostor is up for the Sunday Times fiction award. I think it's brilliant read the Guardian review, and last year complained it was not on the short list. Well, its release did not fall into the right time period. So now gunning for it to win this year. And going to miss yoga for this one-off opportunity.

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