Monday, July 20, 2009

doing the litmus test

Played scientist yesterday. Sat with my PH testing kit, bought at a (swimming) pool shop as instructed, and before me an array of all the products which I use/used to use/intend to use on the wide area which was radiated - from below my chin all the way over my upper body and down my arm to the tips of my fingers. The aim? To test their PH value. Why? Cos The Lymph Lady said I had to use acidic products. Neutral is ok but acidic is best and alkaline a no-no.
So I dipped the strips into Lancome moisturiser, Lancome cleanser, Lancome toner, Clarins hand cream, Dischem acqueous cream, Lancome sunblock (or did I forget that one?) and Johnson's baby soap with aloe vera.
Hoo boy. I was perplexed. Cos this PH testing kit did not have numbers, only colours. So was that bright orange or light orange? And bright or dull green? (The kit showed both PH as well as alkalinity.)
Well I can mostly remember that the acqueous cream seemed the most neutral and the soap the most off-the-target - the PH value went bright yellow and the alkilinity a shocking pink (or was it the other way around?).
Either way, think I am going to have get a calibrated PH kit so I can clearly see the values of each product. Oh I had a pen and paper at hand and dutifully recorded it but colours, rather than numbers, made it difficult. Especially comparitive rates as I tried to determine: which orange was brighter?
Anyway, this is all an attempt to prevent lympdoedema. And pleased to report my arm seems to be ok, except still doing manual lymph drainage which is now taking about 40 minutes a time. And doing it twice a day.

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