Wednesday, July 22, 2009

adjusting to changed circumstances

I wonder if there was ever a time i did not do manual lymph drainage, I pondered tonight. I wonder. Now it's the way I start and end my day, regardless of whether it means I have to get up extra early, reach over and switch the heater on and start in the dark - or stumble in after 2am, switch on the heater and start. (The heater is cos it has to be done on bare skin, ie, no clothes on, but you can have a blanket over you where it is appropriate ie not for the one where your arm has to be up.)

Sadly, despite a good prognosis from The Lymph Lady yesterday, my arm feels much more swollen today. So did the long version of the massage tonight, not the shortened version she approved for early mornings when running late.

Now she is away and next appointment is on Tuesday.

Still have not heard about herceptin. My case is still before the Discovery medical aid appeal board.

Meanwhile, super busy socially. Last night when to Damon Galgut talk at Boekehuis (I have written on it previously) and tonight the Juliet Cullinan Wine Festival at Wanderers where I ate far too much cheese, bought (as in ordered) far too much wine and had loads of fun.

Tomorrow it's Phaedre. The film version of the (British)National Theatre's production of Phaedre starring Helen Mirren. Read The Guardian article about it today and it sounds f-a-b. So glad I booked.

Oh and in the interim the recession has really hit South Africa and there is groot (Afrikaans for 'big/lots of') drama and changes at work.

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