Monday, June 22, 2009

wow wow wow

So happy. finally had my last radiation session today. what a relief. an although my skin is a little red, well, it's redder today than before, and sometimes slighly itchy, and now my new sports bras are hurting and the doctor said must change to other bras where can let the strap fall loosely over my shoulder, all is well.
"The girls", as the radiotherapists are known there, laughed at me when I said I was tired. "It's your last session and you're only tired now! Puh- leaze....." they cried. And when I bemoaned my pinkish skin, they laughed too. "Pu-lease,".... they cried, "we have seen far worse".
I know I am lucky to have had minimal side effects. Well so far and let's keep hoping and praying it stays that way.
But it's funny. Was thinking. When I had chemo and my stomach was in agony - hell it would wake me up after 6am each morning - I was told that that was not caused by the chemo, not the chemo I was having.
Now, when I have a shit taste in my mouth (sporadically) and my mouth is so dry that sometimes I think I am going to vomit (mostly when I drive home at night, after drinking at least 1 litre of water!), I am told: "Oh, not, that cannot be from the radiation, not the radiation you are having; it must be a throw back to the chemo."
Hoo boy......

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