Monday, June 22, 2009

no longer understand anything

Went off this morning for what was to be my last radiation session. Had planned to buy cakes for the radiotherapists, had even discussed it all with my one sister and was feeling kinda bad that had not got it together. Had noticed that people give gifts when they finish their treatment but was too tired to make it to the shop in time (the exhaustion side-effects has finally kicked in).
Anyway, got there, minus the cakes which I decided could be bought another time, only to hear the machine had broken. Return at 4pm today but if not repaired, then tomorrow.
Felt like crying. And had to control myself as I drove off. Why was I so upset? Gosh, this was the last session, not the first. Am I such a control freak? No longer understand things.
But fine now. Have phoned, it's fixed and I am going this afternoon.

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