Thursday, May 21, 2009

"you are being watched"

Found out today that while the "whatevers/radiologists?" leave the room during my radiation, they are watching it - and me - on a monitor. Makes sense - as they have to check it is targeting the right area.
Then, when they come tippy-toeing in to reposition me for the next bout, they dim the lights so that the beams are clearer.
Maybe tomorrow will pluck up the courage to ask what their job titles are. Easier to ask the doctor next week I guess, and less obtrusive.
The radiation is almost a non-experience for now. Walk in, take your top off, lie down and they make marks with some kind of pen where there is already four tiny tattoo - yea, permanent tattoos - and then position me. That can take a few minutes. Then they leave, a buzzing starts and then don't know too much more as I generally keep my eyes shut. Then they run in out about three times, the machine moves around me. Then it's over and I leave and go to the office. 8.4am tomorrow so need to go to sleep soonish. Trouble is: not tired.

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