Sunday, May 24, 2009

a new look

Not sure how long I am going to keep this new template, or even if I like it, but have opted for a change.
Went to movies tonight, the new star trek movie and even though it was a compromise choice to suit a friend rather than me, really enjoyed it. Thought it was well directed and acted and enjoyed the script. Sharp movie.
Have not been to movies for ages, as in months, so a lovely change.
Otherwise well. Looking forward to going to Cape Town next weekend to see my dad. How great to be allowed to travel.
Then have an appointment at the gym on Tuesday where they will assess me re an exercise schedule. All I can see is that think I can do very little. Today did 30 minutes of exercise this morning. Amazing!! Cos just a bit of yoga and some stretches and my knee and legs are no longer stiff and sore.
Later today walked up many flights of friends to view a flat with a friend - and boy, the old lady agent on the top said : "Think you (referring to both of us) need to go to gym!"
I was not too embarrassed, hell, have just come out of chemo but really, that decides it: not going to go back to yoga this week. A 90 minute class is outta my reach at the moment. After 30 minutes this morning was a little out of breath... but it felt just the right amount of exercise for now.

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