Tuesday, May 19, 2009

day 2 of radiation

Getting a little anxious. Yesterday went for radiation at 4pm. By the evening had a shit taste in my mouth. This morning it was still there and I was starting to feel slightly nauseous. Told them - must find out what 'they' are professionally - and they said only get that from brain cancer radiation. But, said the one lady, I am the patient so if I have it the taste, then it's there. Ja well. Getting used to be told what I am feeling/experiencing is most unusual or cannot be a symptom and must be something else unrelated.... ja well.
Then this afternoon in the meeting at work could feel my chest closing and started coughing. Twice I left the meeting, first to get throat lozenges (I am a walking medicine chest these days), then to get water so I could stop coughing.
I have stopped coughing now but my chest is tight. Put it this way, if I was still allowed to go to gym, would never go to gym feeling like this. It is subtle but there.
And I was told - no side effects till after week three. Humph!
This is a bit scary. Twenty three sessions to go but will speak to them about it tomorrow.
Cooked fish curry tonight. Kinglip in an easy recipe I found on BBC Food fish curry recipe. Just added garlic and fresh chilli, curry leaves, a little fish sauce and could not find madras curry paste so used thai green. Will make it again although my version was a little watery. But enjoying my new found interest in cooking. It was Marianne's suggestion, my colleague who got injured twice recently, once mountaineering and once, just got injured - her knee gave in completely. She suggested cooking when one's energy is not up to going out a lot. So now indulging. While I can, before I get exhausted like the doctors, nurses and Internet sites threaten happens with radiation. And for now, only planning one night out during the week.
By the way, great to have my taste/desire for fish back.

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