Sunday, May 10, 2009

love sundays

Really enjoying my day. have not done much but went to an interesting former military barracks which is now a mini-supermarket in Greymont with a friend, then to a veggie shop then to Lifestyle where bought a lemon tree. then went out for lunch and ate grilled sardines with green pepper and boiled potatoes, then planted morogo morogo and more-re-morogo in pot - which totally exhausted me, the planting that is, as the pot was largish and needed lots of potting soil.

Scary that, can only lounge around and do wonder when this chemo and its effects are going to leave my body. Still have mouth thrush and religiously eating yoghurt as The Tango Man suggested, especially the ones with lacto basillus, but might need to revert back to the yellow emulsion as not sure it's working.

One of my favourite activities is watching my hair grow. Ok, I am being facetious but like to pull off my little cotton cap I wear around the house and stare into the mirror. Cannot work out if it's growing back dark as per usual or grey, that is, without pigmentation which then kicks in only later.

Somewhat irritated that cannot get through to Seems to be a problem with the site and want to read about radiation. Seeing the radiation oncologist tomorrow. So far what I have read on other sites has not been that endearing.

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