Friday, May 15, 2009

the one exciting thing about having cancer

I love pumpernickel bread. That dark, kinda dry, black German bread. Until I started treatment for breast cancer I had a slice for breakfast almost every day, mostly with Matjes herring and sometimes with boiled egg. And I bought it in vacuum packed boxes, identical to the ones I bought at Whole Foods when I was in the US a few years ago.
Anyway, now that my true taste is coming back, I am back on pumpernickel. And have been amazed to discover that every single pack has at least one strand of my hair on it (on, not in!) because it was clearly at the time of losing my hair that I packed the boxes away.
Now I am delighting in watching my hair grow back, curious as to what colour it will be and what texture (have read that both are likely to be different). One thing worries me though: would prefer if it didn't grow back without pigmentation at first, which I believe can also happen, that is, first grey until the pigmentation kicks in a few months later.
Now enjoy standing in front of the mirror, staring at the strands sticking up on my head. Ja, that is the one exciting thing about having had cancer, watching and speculating about the unknown hairgrowth. Ok, I never went completely bald, only on the sides - which hairdresser Carlos said was cos I sleep on my side - but now it is definately growing back faster. Been almost five weeks since I had my last AC chemo session.
The place where I bought the wig which I have never worn said my length of hair (I went there the morning before my first chemo session) said it would take about three months to grow back. Mmmmm.......
And will I miss my hats? Dunno but doubt it.

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