Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cooking whitebait

pic from wikipediatakenfromwikipedia

Cooked whitebait tonight and fakked it up. It's now in the outside bin (it stinks). Instead of being crispy, it was soggy. Think I fried too much of it at one go.
This is the recipe I used:whitebait recipe
Oh, should mention: did not pre-soak in milk but read quite a few recipes and they did not require that, and did not deep fry.

This is dictionary.com's definition of whitebait but don't agree - eat sprats and whitebait are thinner and smaller.

  /ˈʰwaɪtˌbeɪt, ˈwaɪt-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [hwahyt-beyt, wahyt-] Show IPA
–noun, plural -bait.
1. a young sprat or herring.
2. Cookery. any small, delicate fish cooked whole without being cleaned, esp. the sprat.
1750–60; white + bait, so called from use as bait

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