Wednesday, April 22, 2009

voting day

Voted today. Was a bit of an idiot and should have arranged special voting ahead of time (this is during my post-chemo immune-compromised week) but I didn't and survived. Ok, did not realise when I went to vote at crack of dawn, well, arrived there just before the polling station opened at 7am, that I had mild throat thrush but luckily most of the queing was outside and then when there was a crushed bit in a narrow passage, I wore my scarf over my mouth and nose and then when saw an escape route, waited outside till I could rejoin my place in the queue.Then was damn careful that when they took my hand, first to place a thumbprint on a piece of paper 'cos was not voting in my constituency, and then shortly thereafter to put an ink mark on my thumb to show I had voted, that they did not hurt me. Just said: "I have a problem and my hand is sore; please be gentle".
Anyway, great camaraderie in the queue and all in all a fab experience. Now for the results!!!
Oh, back to my throat. Have throat thrush again. Again it hurts only when I eat but this time can eat soft solids. Taking loads of my liquid daffodils (not being negative by calling it yellow gunge anymore) but it's still there. And cannot take too much. Last night doubled the dose (leaflet says you can do that) but it made me throw up which just made me cry so being a bit more careful today.
But did decide to stay indoors today. So although not at home, did not pop into the office today as had intended to. Fak the good PR I thought it would be, just plan on going in earlier tomorrow. My health and wellbeing is far more important and having throat thrush is an indication of a low immune system so the less people I come into contact with the better.
And been reading which is great. Hoping to finish my book tonight, if I don't spend too long chattering away on facebook! It is Reginald Hill's A Cure for all diseases - a Dalziel & Pascoe novel. Not brilliant and took ages and ages to warm up, but not a bad thriller.

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