Wednesday, April 15, 2009

three months since i was diagnosed

Today is three months since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. No primary tumour. Hormone receptive. Not sure it get any better. Not sure. No longer under such a high level of anxiety re my hair loss but not happy about it - it's gone with a thin layer of regrowth and rapidly thinning eyebrows - but it is definately less of a hassle than before. Less of an intense hassle.

But now getting hassled about herceptin. It is way down the line in my treatment, I think, but it seems one takes it for ages and ages - spoke to someone who took it for two and a half years but one year seems to be the norm, if there is such a thing as a norm with cancer treatment, and really, I want to be free of cancer and treatments.

More importantly about today though, is that it is one month since my mother's funeral. Makes me very sad. She died very suddenly and I miss her terribly. We all do.

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