Wednesday, April 15, 2009

cold oncologists

I remember when I went to see my GP the day I was diagnosed - ja, seems crazy but the mammogram doctor told me to go see my GP and I refused, till I became so upset I knew I had to see someone professional. Well, the GP told me oncologists think they are closer to God than anyone. There is one who is human, he said, and sent me to Sally Baistow at Sandton Oncology. She is nice and was a good start, if an appropriate one, as she is a radiation oncologist and that comes later. One needs to start off with a medical oncologist which ended up being the fourth kind of doctor I saw.

Anyway, was chatting last night about how difficult my oncologist is to talk to. I am almost scared of him. Forgot to ask him a question yesterday - drew up my list after a particularly sleepless night and sent an email today.

Anyway, was saying my oncologist, The Tango Man, does not adopt a holistic approach. He just treats the patient. "No, not the patient, just the cancer!" shrieked my friend, and how true it is. That is why he will asnwer any questions about the cancer but was truly shocked that I asked for advice on what to do re voting in the elections during my immune-compromised week. And why he ignores any reference to nails and eyebrows. "If your nails split, they grow back. If your eyebrows fall off, they grow back. They're not an issue," explained my friend. "Just vanity. That is how he sees it. Now, the guy whose teeth are falling out. That can have serious implications and that is a different matter...."

Look, I like The Tango Man and am not sorry I chose him as my oncologist. I trust him. But don't think he is the best person to invite to your next dinner party.

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