Saturday, April 11, 2009

my disappearing eyebrows

Posted this on March 26:

oh woe is me!!
Oh eyebrows, wherefore art thou going? Thou art forsaking me, and I feel forlorn. Oh whither art thou going and fading and dwindling? And how dare you? Stay, I beseech you, stop wandering yonder. Rekindle your passion for my visage and henceforth travel no more.

Now, about three weeks later, my eyebrows are definately shorter, both between the brows and at the outside ends, and also markedly thinner and so fainter. Funnily enough, not aware of the hairs falling out. As in they don't seem to fall out onto my face or about me. But must state: still have eyebrows.

Have bought three things to supposedly help this state of affairs:

1) Talika eyebrow lipicols - called eyeborw conditioning gel (R400 from Metropolitain) which I would say is a complete waste of money. It is supposed to help the regrowth of eyebrows and they say it needs 28 days to work but by then probably won't have much eyebrow left and how the hell can some vegetable thingie counteract chemo?
Humph!! Tried to return it for a credit note or something but the shop was so full of shit. First said I must phone management and then when I complained, said they would phone but they did not come back to me so just starting using it twice a day. Fakking exorbitant though.

2) Talika eyebrow extender - this is an eyebrow pencil which adds hairs but is not waterproof. Leon the make-up artist told me about it but it might work for photo shoots but don't think it works very well for real life. Perhaps I should have bought a black one rather than dark brown, which is more medium coloured and therefore too light for me. Not impressed. Maybe I will feel differently if have no eyebrows at all but hopefully it won't get to that (my scalp has lots of regrowth all over, albeit it light and fluffy and The Tango Man did say it was extremely unlikely they would fall out although why I am clinging to his words rather than the reality before me, I do not know!)

3) Also bought a Clarins eyebrow pencil. Best buy of all and use it a lot.



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