Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday and went to a nursery outside Brits called Simply Indigenous.

Love it there and was most amused to see a new, large printed sign which greets one on arrival. Not a child-friendly nursery, it states, and please discipline your children. Asked owner Johann what had happened. Well, eight children had piled out of a car (he is not certain if they all belonged to one family) and went wild - running into the flower beds and breaking off bits of plants. Wish I had been there to see those hooligans!! Must have been chaos for him to have a special sign printed to prevent another such occurrence.

Health-wise, however, not a great idea. Decided not to drive to Brits (and the nursery) myself as was worried about my energy levels and sure enough, became tired shortly after leaving Joburg and dosed a bit in the car. Then spent most of the time at the nursery seated on a bench and felt too sleepy on the way back to pop into another nursery. Was not into popping in anywhere. And have decided to forego movies tonight to do something less demanding.

When lack energy feel a bit miserable but ok now. Got a braai tomorrow night and really want to go but not going to shop around for a present (not a birthday party but was the host's 50th recently so want to give a present) and going to resort to something easy and accessible instead. And no shopping for bags tomorrow (looking for a large everyday use handbag which is strong and so can handle all my stuff I love carting around). But who can talk for tomorrow? Will wait and see.

Then chemo on Tuesday.

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