Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday shopping

Finally made it to the new melrose arch shopping centre....liked the new Woollies where I bought four soup bowls - with handles on either side - but fakked up by buying each in a different colour rather than just the brown and mustard ones (ie two of each colour or even four of one colour). But when looked at them was too lazy to contemplate returning them so am just keeping them. And do like the actual bowls.

Then ummed and aahed about buying a bag at Young Designers Emporium. Then decided against going to this shop at Hyde Park my sister told me has fab bags. Worried about my energy levels having had some bad experiences on Saturdays when I have over-shopped but my sister pooh-poohed the idea that my energy levels are bad, saying I am up and about and functioning, which is more than she can say for some of her friends who are also on chemo.

Just got invited to a braai on Monday late afternoon. Was about to turn it down cos have chemo early on Tuesday but then decided what the fak: so what if I don't have Chinese chicken and corn soup ready for when I do the chemo-recuperation. Sure I can manage without it. Else could buy it in advance I suppose. Ja, will do that (had planned to buy it late on Monday). Ja, I really am inflexible.

My sister is going to Cape Town next weekend to spend some time with my dad. Makes me tearful cos I would love to go. But not allowed to fly cos of the chemo. Must speak to The Tango Man about that. And about the wedding in Maseru.

Still eating too much but possibly less manically than before. Had leftover tsimmis (see below) at my sister today and once again, too much fruit, one of my big downfalls. Hope to go out for dinner again tonight.

: tzimmes (the word tzimmes - also spelled: tsimmes, tzimmis, or tsimmis - informally-speaking, means to make "a fuss about something", however in Jewish culinary terms it is a sweet mixture of specific foods and most often means a mixture of stewed carrots, prunes, raisons, and honey. It can also be a casserole of various fruits, vegetables and/or meats. The word "tzimmes" is from the Yiddish word "tsimes" which in turn is from the Old High German compound words "ze", "zuo", meaning "to", "for" + the Middle High German word "imbiz", meaning "light meal". In turn, the word "imbiz" is taken from the Old High German word "enbizzan", meaning "to eat", where "en" or "in" + "bīzan" or "bizzan" means "to bite"). The word "tzimmes" is also a Yiddishized play on the German words "zum" ("to", "to the", "to that", or "for") and "essen" ("eat") ("zum essen" as a phrase means "for dinner").

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