Monday, April 6, 2009

Not everything is the cancer. Some things just are.

Well happy to report that muscular pain has gone so clearly the yoga exercise worked.

Plus did a back bend supported on a chair - apparently great to boost the immune system - plus did another one where bend knees and join soles of feet, which are supported on cushions and u lie back on yoga foams, or cushions or whatever for that matter. It pulls like hell on the inner thighs but seems to help the gluteus maximus too.

Did 50 minutes of my exercises this morning but admittedly 20 minutes of that was in the easy feet up against the wall, another immune booster and cure-all.

Having woken up rather shaky, feeling like I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything ever, and feeling that all this enforced stay at home time due to a compromised immune system had turned me into an introvert, after the exercises i bounced up and wondered if i could even make the yoga class tomorrow.

Don't know really. Tonight was pretty tired and chose to stay home this evening rather than pop in to see a friend. But also wanted to try on all the pajamas I had bought today and wrap a present and....

Went to work super late today so that could go shopping and do all those things i could not do during my immune compromised week last week. Only went to four shops, and all in Rosebank, but then also went for manicure and pedicure later, so maybe that tired me out a little. And then also popped into a clothing shop before the beautician and also stopped off at Fournos for rolls and tzatziki on my way home. And not wacked. Just happy to chill.

Oh it is amazing - and silly - how desperate I am to listen to anyone who can bring me good tidings re my symptoms. The two beauticians attending me today assured me that if my nails split it wouldn't be so bad, that nail polish would protect them, and my toenails were fine but my skin just a bit dry. And I believed them. Like I believed that stupid assistant in hyde park who said that eyebrow stuff would stop my eyebrows from falling out/thinning. Bullshit. But the beauticians I do like.

Plan to read tonight. Lol. Seldom too and it is hard to say why. It started even before the diagnosis so cannot even say it's cos of the cancer and my emotional state. It just is.

This is similar to the one pose I did, except I did it supported on cushions and foams and I lay back:

This is another exercise which really helped. Here it is not classified as yoga but it is essentially the same movement:

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