Sunday, April 5, 2009

amazing! this pain is not cancer related!

Pic from yogajournal

What a relief. Have a new pain but it has nothing to do with my cancer. ("My cancer". Yuch. First time I have personalised it. Think I will stick to "The cancer". Don't wanna get too close.)
Anyway, the muscle in my bum and at the outer side of my thigh is sore, probably related to the exercises I have been doing. At least three of these exercises aim to work against pain there, which I first had about a year ago relating to my knee cap going out of alignment. Apparently it is the gluteus maxima muscle.
Now it is sore and uncomfortable and this morning's exercises did not help - plan to do some more just now - but what a relief that it's unrelated to the cancer! Makes me smile. What a change.

This is a yoga pose which helps make the pain go away. The pose is called eke raja pada kapotasana:

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