Friday, March 13, 2009

wrong blood test results!

Bloody hell. Can you believe it but the lab gave the wrong blood test results. Oh, they were my results but from a week ago (have to have blood count before given chemo). Well about an hour later or maybe more, dunno, got a call: bloods were not perfect. White blood cells are low or something like that, maybe it was something else too but have to go to oncology centre to get an injection today. This will boost my white blood cells for five days. Still feeling shitty and very sweaty and although it's 8 o'clock battling to get outta bed to go there (almost wondering if I need to bath first, hell, it's only up the road and only gonna be out for about 15 minutes) so think I really am sick.

Also been thinking: maybe I got sick cos eating such an unbalanced diet. Cos my tummy is so messed from the chemo, only eat:
protein: tofu and boiled eggs
carbs: rice, potato (boiled or baked), pasta
other: a sauce made of tomato paste and garlic which just touches the pasta or rice, avo, occasional banana, even more occasional other fruit
beverages: water, fennel tea, ginger tea
Ag, it doesn't sound too unhealthy to me now that I have written it down, it's just different to what i used to eat - fish, salads, lots of veggies. But then everything is different to what it used to be.

Oh was also thinking: if i have six chemo treatments, sure will end up in a wheelchair. But then will be in a wheelchair for a while and life will go on hey!!

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