Friday, March 13, 2009

now the proud owner of a thermometer

Went off to get an injection but it wasn't so simple. Apparently my one result had been adjusted, was no longer as low as it had been and so did not need injection. They also said medical aid would not pay for it if my count was not low enough but I would have paid. What is R2000 or so if you need it?
Anyway they took my temperature and it was normal. Am on antibiotics for a week. Booked off work for today. That is not ideal but had sent a detailed email last night re what I was doing so although some people will have to work a bit harder it should be ok.
I have just now become an unreliable worker as i have no idea when i will be well or when i will be sick.
Then went to the chemist and am now the proud owner of a digital thermometer. You get all these cute kiddy's ones but decided one a restrained conventional digital one which beeps when you can read it. Actually would have loved a comic stip one but worried they were such speed-read ones that they would not be as accurate. Maybe they are more suited for babies of three months than 40-something sane? adults.
Oh the reason for the thermometer is that if my temp hits 38 or more have to phone the emergency line.

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