Thursday, March 12, 2009

off to the clinic at night

Fak, Not only did i leave work early to come home and sleep (felt dreadful) but tonight had to go to morningside clinic for blood tests. Popped into my sister for supper (well more for a chat, managed half a potato and avo) and there was a doctor there when i arrived. Had popped into visit them. He is a cardiologist but I mentioned I was not feeling well and that i was hot. He took my temperature - it was 38- and that is the one thing they said u must phone emergency for. But both The Tango Man and his sidekick are out the country at a conference. Anyway, this cardiologist said i had to go to morningside for tests and have cultures taken as might have septocemia (sp?) or something.
He said i might need to be admitted. Faak.
Still getting the culture results tomorrow but thank god all was fine with my blood count. Have already contacted work and sent off a detailed email re what to do if i am not there, but will re-evaulate tomorrow. If don't go will have to go see a dr as will need a certificate cos it's a friday. But if feeling sick, am not going.
Getting bony from this minimal eating. Paid dieticians thousands and thousands in the past and now trying not to lose too much weight too quickly cos then will really look sick!!
What a laugh.

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