Sunday, March 1, 2009

the most unsettling part of the chemo food cravings.....

Penny Siopis
Pinky Pinky: Wounds (detail) 2003-2004
oil and found objects on canvas
380 x 122cm

I used to go to the shops on the weekend, make sure I had what I liked to eat - herring, smoked salmon, lots of veggies and some fruit and of course, fresh fish for the next few days - and life went out with lots of eating out and some functions.

Now I am bound by cravings. "I feel like a baked potato", "I want pasta", "I don't want to go near fish", "No salad for me thanks", "No, I am not drinking at the moment, thanks. Water is fine".

And I have to make a concerted effort to make sure I eat protein, which is mainly tofu and sometimes soya sausage.

And then yesterday (see previous posting), I craved meat, and nuts, which I usually detest.

Oh well. I feel like a baby. Like Penny Siopis's pinky baby. (Ok, that is not what everyone says it's about, it's not a baby apparently, but it does make me feel like one of those figures.)

"Siopis will be presenting an installation of her Pinky Pinky series, which taps into personal childhood memories, dreams and local folklore. In these works, Pinky Pinky is a vaguely threatening figure, the embodiment of anxieties of a personal, social and political nature." FROM WWW.ARTTHROB.CO.ZA


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