Monday, March 2, 2009

just back from second chemo session

Just back from second chemo session and not feeling half as drugged as I did last time. And it also took less time: one and a half hours rather than two and a half, which the nurses said is usual. Apparently one's body gets used to it so after the first treatment, it goes quicker.

Still didn't like it at all but it did seem better. The yoga guru said I was less anxious this time. Dunno. But I guess if u know what to expect, it is less traumu-inducing.

Doctor, The Tango Man, was as fastidious as ever: checked my watch and he took me exactly at 9.45am. Impressive.

And amazingly, despite Saturday afternoon's dizziness and shaking, I was not anaemic but my blood pressure was lower than ever - 110 / 60 but they did not seem to think that was a hassle. Was about a kg and a half less than the last visit but guess that's ok. Look, I have been trying to lose weight forever but now realise that I don't want to lose it too quickly cos then will really look ill.

Oh, and was surprised to hear that my so-called worst side-effect is not a side effect. Don't know if all my stomach hassles have been caused by anxiety but he said what I described is not from the chemo. He said it should improve now so let's hope so.

Again, I liked The Tango Man. Yes, he does have a difficult, not smooth manner, but I do like him. And he gave me hope well just by reiterating that I might not need surgery.

Waiting for my friend to send a pic of the chemo I have; then will post it.


Oh yesterday was quite a relief. Went to this music concert at Emmerantia Dam to hear Zimbabwean musican Oliver Mtukudzi among others (he is the one I like best). It was a friend's son's two year old birthday party (kinda inappropriate but what the hell) and I had not decided whether to say anything about my cancer. Wore a large sunhat, nobody said a thing, I did feel I was a bit quieter than usual but the afternoon passed by without a murmur and what a relief not to have to chat about it.


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