Saturday, February 28, 2009

a bit of this and a bit of that

Written about three draft postings. One on my unusual food cravings since I started chemo about three and a half weeks ago, another on my hatred of hats and one on... dunno.

Now tired and going to skim through something to read.

Meanwhile, I think I want a brandy but one sip and it's yuck, my mouth still tastes funny after eating a piece of cheese, a foodstuff I used to adore.

And gonna have to plan my entire outfit tomorrow around which hat is best to wear for that occasion and which one doesn't hurt cos my scalp is so sensitive since my hair started falling out from the AC chemo. Think I want to return most of the hats I bought (the unworn ones with the tags on) cos you can see I am balding - well balding but the sides are bald). Yet the yoga guru says u can see in all the hats that I am bald/balding... well, except the white broderie anglaise one I wore today but wear can i get more in that shape that are also suitable to wear at night? Oh damn it.

And to think I was scouring around that exclusive little butchery in Dunkeld West today, craving red meat, something I usually eat only once a month and then only spare ribs. Yesterday ate biltong too, the second time I have done so since starting chemo just over three weeks ago. Maybe I lack iron. On the refined foods and pasta carboloading diet I am presently indulging in, guess it's not that surprising. Gone are the constant fish meals, the salads, the variety of foods. Now I like hot cross buns (went to two shops today but they were sold out), and anything carb. And no alcohol. Bizarre.

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