Sunday, March 29, 2009

lack of muscle tone

My lack of muscle tone is continuing at a rapid rate.
I first noticed my thighs were turning to jelly thought it was the cortisone I get as part of the chemo package. But my friend Lesley - who had breast cancer 10 years ago - has explained that it is the chemo itself which destroys cells but does not allow for regrowth. So I am effectively ageing at a rapid rate. Cannot remember if have written about this before.
Now my thighs are wobbly deluxe, my upper arms a disgrace and even my neck is starting to go. Look, in the scheme of things it is not the biggest issue but on the days or just in the times I am feeling ok - like now - it becomes an unfortunate issue. Nobody likes to accelerate their ageing.
But just touched my skin now and it felt so soft cos there is hardly any underlying muscle and so got reminded. Remember that I tried to look this up not so long ago but only found a reference to it on blogs. Must diarise it to ask The Tango Man. But don't need anyone to tell me that it is or isn't happening. It is. I am ageing at an alarming rate and have little muscle tone left. Guess it is gonna make me weaker and weaker so better get cracking on those simple biokinetic and yoga exercises.

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