Sunday, March 29, 2009

a deliciously lazy sunday

Despite going to bed at about 2am - stayed for ages at Lapa Flo restaurant chatting to the owner Percy and just generally having a good time and then didn't feel sleepy - I woke up early ready to do my exercises like I did yesterday. Somehow never got around to them but did take a walk to the shop later and although did come back sweaty, it served its purpose - and got the yoghurt I wanted to make fresh tuna pasta tonight.
Still eating like a pig and have definately gained weight but will deal with it shortly.
Feeling very nutured. Gets lots of SMS-es and some calls (not too many as that would be disruptive) and feeling very loved yet also keep thinking about my one sister's friend who said she went into depression at the end of her treatment (maybe that is putting it a bit dramatically, but she felt super-vulnerable) because suddenly she was just like everyone else and nobody called her and cared for her incessantly.
Feeling wonderfully energised too. I know I did practically bugger-all today but honestly, found myself wriggling my hips and clicking my fingers in a spontaneous dance earlier.
Meanwhile, using this yucky yellow emulsion in my mouth as often as I remember to keep those dreaded mouth ulcers at bay. They are there, lurking, but still at bay (as if I am pushing a door with great difficulty to keep them out but still managed to eat a whole pineapple (yes, said I was eating a lot) without it hurting my mouth.
And have not used my eyebrow treatment yet but think will start tomorrow.
Gotta start the diet tomorrow too.

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