Sunday, March 29, 2009

the hassle of wearing hats

Wearing hats has become such a nuisance. It makes getting dressed such an issue as have to work out my outfit around my headgear. Just had a quick thought: what am i gonna wear to work tomorrow and, oh, dear, which hat? But think I know what am going to wear. When my mom died two weeks ago, we found she had a cute little blue material hat. It was for the rain, said my sister. So going to wear that with my blue skirt.Took quite a few of my mom's clothes. My aunt popped in during one of our sessions of going through her possessions - my dad had requested we do it as soon as possible - and said if we did not take things, we would be sorry. Ironically my mom had taken one of my tshirts which she loved, a bright multi-coloured one, on my last visit to Cape Town. Now it's back with me again. Also took some jerseys and some t-shirts, some of the latter the same organic cotton ones from Woolworths which I have.
Makes me feel sick to speak of my "late mom". Makes it a reality which until I speak like this I can pretend is not real.

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