Thursday, March 5, 2009

mixed signals

Had a brief encounter yesterday which lingers in my mind. David, one of the employees in the office, came up to me and said: "You're looking really good these days" - or something to that effect.

I responded: "Oh I have cancer" - even as the thought crossed my mind that he was probably referring to my new habit of wearing hats.

My response was inappropriate and blunt but it was not a good day. Day three after second session of chemo and was nauseous as hell.

But it does prove the point that the Yoga Guru pointed out a few days ago and which I wrote about: that headgear in SA today is a black thing. For David, who is black, my wearing hats was attractive and I took the compliment and shoved it back harshly.

Meanwhile, went to Dance Umbrella tonight. Saw Boyzie Cekwana's piece. Intriguing, puzzling, frustrating cos of the lack of dance, but kinda haunting.


  1. I have 5 caps but they all look the same. Hope you're feeling better :)