Sunday, February 22, 2009

uncertain feelings about being bald

Saw this pic of former UK Big Brother star Jade Goody, who got married today although she has only weeks to live as her cervical cancer has spread. She is bald in the pic - see URL below - and at first I felt revulsed when I saw it, so guess have a long way to go towards dealing with my own baldness caused by chemo for breast cancer.

On the other hand, gonna log off now and forget about it. And will think about other things I am busy with, like the butternut I have baked and whether I should have it for supper or keep it for work and go out, and whether I feel ok or my stomach is still cramping, and whether I should play my word games on facebook or read....

PS: Oh going out! Decision was made for me. Love going out so it will be fine.


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