Sunday, February 22, 2009

still have stubble - dealing with the effects of shaving head

Checked with Carlos, my dear friend and hairdresser this morning. The reason I still have black stubble over most of my head - only the sides are bald - is because that hair has not fallen out yet. It is just shaved. But he reckons it will fall out soon. He said my hair was falling out as he started working with it. He started giving me a number 1 or whatever it is called then swopped within seconds to shaving it. Oh he said the sides are bald cos I obviously sleep on my side which rubs against the pillow.

And my friend said that when he was sweeping his dining room floor this morning, he found himself sweeping up masses of my hair.

Think I have soft-optioned the effect of shaving off my hair by not going out much today - only to the veggie shop and then was not alone. In fact, have not been out alone since my hair is gone so if don't go out tonight (which would not be alone anyway), the first time I do so will be tomorrow - to work. Oh goodness, one part of me feels all tense about it, the other part is what the fak, who cares, if anyone has a problem it's their problem, but think some people might get a fright. Oh well they will get over it, I guess.

Honestly, for me the worst part of the chemo so far is the stomach side-effects which are still not sorted and probably won't be until it's all over.

Dunno if it is worth forcing myself to go out tonight. To a restaurant. But cannot become a recluse. Oh that is unlikely, what with a dinner party and two nights of Dance Umbrella shows this week.

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