Monday, February 16, 2009

jade goody and being brave

A pic of Jade Goody, bald - the 27-year-old former British Big Brother star who has now been given just months to live after her cervical cancer was found to have spread to the bowel, liver and groin - was flashed across Sky News tonight.

Then found this online posting by a journalist from the Observer UK who asks in connection with Goody:
"I'd like to ask how people feel about the media using the words "brave" and "battling" in connection with cancer sufferers."

Interesting idea. What do you think? Please leave a comment.

One reader, KateG, wrote of Goody's high profile fight against cancer: "Battling" and being "Brave" - What choice is there? One undergoes whatever treatment is offered in order to stay alive or at least prolong one's life. I suppose one could say a "Brave" patient is one who undergoes lots of horrible treatment without complaint. (And we all have our 'off' days when we fall apart and are not the least bit brave!)."

I see the point.

People have told me I am being brave. Some because I have been so open about having cancer. But what choice do I have? From when I lose my hair it will all become so public. A lot of my telling people has been selfish, to make it easier for me. Am dreading people looking at me in shock and horror as I walk around so obviously as someone having chemo.

By the way, Jade Goody looked fab in the pic on TV - bald and defiant.

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