Tuesday, February 17, 2009

cancer and biokinetics

Felt invigorated because went to see Dalena, my brilliant biokineticist who helped me with my knee when my kneecap went out of alignment. Was still busy with the treatment but now, being banned from gym 'cos my chemo can affect the heart, no longer able to work on that little hassle.

Anyway, Dalena gave me a lot of brilliant low-energy exercises which I now plan to do three to four times a week, even if I make only 10 minutes at a time. For example, instead of standing and bending one knee to one's back as a stretch, she advocates doing it kneeling. "Less energy," she said.

She also feels yoga will be best, as it is all about "opening up", she said, but we agreed not sure I will make a full class. Planning on going next week.

Meanwhile, still have my hair but suffering other fairly debilitating side-effects but at this moment, am fine.

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