Monday, February 9, 2009

the chemo taste

It's more than just a taste; it's a feeling, this dreadful taste that comes with chemo. First you get it when you're being pumped with the poisons, then it comes after eating. My special friend licked my tongue when I was moaning about it, and said he could taste its distinctive metallic taste but not sure if he was serious or not.
It's not bitter like aloes and also not the worst taste I have tasted, but I cannot work out whether the taste makes me nauseous or whether I feel nauseous when I experience it. But I do know that it comes after eating. So either I must not eat, or I must not stop!
So far the only remedy I have found is sweets - my favourites, Sparkles, or else the tiny Manhattan wine gum-type of sweets but even getting sick of them. Any one with ideas of how to stop the taste? Now my best part of the day is when I have woken up. 'Cos pre-breakfast, there is no taste.
Which reminds me: my eating has changed since the chemo. Used to eat fish, often three times a day. Now walk past my used-to-be-favourite-shop, the Dunkeld West fish shop, without going in. Now I eat carbs - pasta, rice and so on. Lost weight only three days on from my first chemo session but have been over-eating since the start of the weekend. Spoke to a doctor this morning who said carbs are easily absorbed and so help prevent nausea and they also bypass the liver (in digestion, I presume) and so also help. Just know that have eaten fish only twice (kippers and chopped herring) and then not fresh, cooked fish, which used to be my favourite, and not a single picked cucumber, another previous favourite, despite one website telling me that gherkin in great for nausea.
Luckily still like fruit, even if veggies are not a hottie right now (except for beetroot which is a high carb veg anyway) and I have taken to nibbling granola.

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