Sunday, February 8, 2009

out for supper

Went out for supper tonight - a shared pizza and pasta at Lapa Flo in Emmerentia. So happy to have been out, to have felt well enough to go out even if did not hang around long in the restaurant.
Funny how little things have changed. Was such a drama queen. Would never have tolerated the mouth wash I now have to use three times a day (to prevent mouth ulcers) 'cos its taste is not ideal; now I conscientiously get up after eating to use it. And I used to walk into blood tests with a dramatic "whatever you do, you are not going to do it in my hand 'cos it hurts for three days afterwards". Lol. I have now had two drips and one injection in my hands in the past week - and survived.
Like my new cropped hair look. Pity it can't stay like that and has to fall out.... but so be it.

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