Wednesday, February 18, 2009

body awareness

If today has proved one thing to me -ja, I know this is my fifth posting of the day - it is that I am hyper body aware. One surgeon told me that not many women would have been so astute as to feel the lump I felt below my armpit.
And I felt my hair falling out from the first strand. Now, it is just over seven hours later and I still have a full head of hair but it is falling out, just slowly, and think if I touch it, it will start falling out.
It is now becoming super itchy too which is what I was told happens before it falls out in clumps.
Hope tomorrow is not going to be too traumatic but going to handle it whatever. One thing I know for sure, no matter what happens to my hair before 9am and worktime, gonna wear a hat.
Someone just remarked that this whole blog is about losing my hair but for me that is the one things which makes it so public, that makes everybody know that I have cancer. Without that, could keep it more private.

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  1. Gillian, is this a stupid suggestion?
    They say that if you have a bad feature like say huge breasts or a big nose, you should draw attention away from it by emphasising something else. So what if you draw attention away with some great, perhaps even flambouyant, style - big hats, colourful clothes, fancy big handbags, unusual jewellry, big broaches, fancy scarves. That may give people something else to think about and notice.